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Ovion Show

Sergio Galoyan Comments on t.A.T.u.’s September 3rd Minsk Performance

Sergio Galoyan, one of the authors of t.A.T.u.’s most popular songs, went on Instagram Live to share his views on the performance. The livestream lasted about two hours, during which Sergio talked about the details of the Minsk show, including Julia’s and Lena’s voices, outfits and stage presence. Sergio also engaged with viewers and answered …

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t.A.T.u. Reunited At The Ovion Show In Misk

“This is not a comeback. A comeback should be in their mother country, in Moscow, like in VK Fest or a solo t.A.T.u. show. The show itself is great, expensive, professional, except the sound engineer. This show is good for t.A.T.u. fans cause they mis them, but it terms of global show-business, this is not a comeback. ABBA was a comeback after 40 years. They did a new album and they went on a tour. That’s a comeback. I hope I am not too rude, but this is my point of views”

Lena Katina in Kreativ Magazine

Summer in the editorial office of Kreativ Magazine ended with an interview with the legendary Russian pop-music singer and ex-t.A.T.u. member, Lena Katina. The artist spoke about the upcoming reunion with her t.A.T.u. colleague, Julia Volkova, within an official tribute, getting ready for the release of her new solo mini-album, and also revealed her own …

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