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Ivan Shapovalov Reacts to t.A.T.u.’s Reunion in Minsk

Ivan Shapovalov gave his thoughts on t.A.T.u.’s recent performance at the Ovion Show in Minsk.

“The show where they reunited, no, I was not part of it. We have talked a lot about the fact that it would be good to do something together, but I was not part of this. I think each of the singer’s managers are handling this. I think this is great, I am happy to see it. But I don’t understand the reason. Is the reunion with t.A.T.u. or with some kind of music show? I am only for it. If this was not for a strange reason, maybe I would have a different opinion. But I don’t get why for an occasion like a reunion of a legendary, world-known band that this happened in the scope of some music show. Could this not have a separate performance dedicated to it?…Why it was in Minsk is a question for their managers. It could be tied to a commercial aspect.”

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