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Lena Katina on NTV’s “Central Television”

Lena Katina appeared on NTV’s “Central Television” where she discussed her solo career and her reunion with Julia Volkova.

Lena Katina and Julia Volkova are together again. The legendary t.A.T.u. is preparing to reunite on stage. The question is, will it be for long? Right now we will ask Lena Katina, who is here in our studio. Julia Volkova is not here, she is preparing for the concert. I understand that people will see you together again at this concert after a long time, which will be…
Lena: In Minsk, on September 3rd, we will, in fact, perform together on the same stage.

Is this a one-time performance or is there hope that with t.A.T.u.’s help we will be getting back to the top?
Lena: We have a tribute planned for Spring that was rescheduled from 2022. So the tribute, at the least, is something to wait for.

As far as I know you are not stopping your solo career and are planning to record a new album and songs.
Lena: Yes, I am getting an EP ready. We have 4 songs now and the EP will have 5-6 songs, we have not yet decided on that. But in second half of autumn I am planning on releasing it.

Did you and Julia reconcile? You did have a complicated relationship.
Lena: I would not say that we had a fight, we just did not communicate for a very long time. Right now we have a text message chat going between us where we are discussing things that are necessary for the collaborative things which we will be doing. So, everything is fine…we’re adults, after all.

Have you noticed how you grew up and got wiser over the years? After all, Julia was kind of flighty, let’s say, kind of harsh.
Lena: It is all with age. At some point we were all flighty. Now I am a mom and so is Julia. Life at 14 and life at 37 – those are two different lives.

Will you be going down the same path which you went down many years ago? This is now forbidden for us due to laws. I mean your image.
Lena: Listen, the songs continue to live. How would we continue to play this game – Julia and I are moms. I have a husband, I don’t know if Julia has a husband right now. Everyone understands everything, but personally I have always and will always support the LGBT community. If you are asking whether we will kiss on stage, then I would think that it does not make sense. Everyone understands everything and back then it made sense, right now it does not.

We saw that you recently got married.
Lena: The ring is an exclusive, something from a museum.

You got married right at MFC (Multifunctional Center / Public Services Center).
Lena: Yes…Dima was married before and so was I. It was Dima’s 40th birthday as well, and Dima said, “Let’s sign the papers on my birthday so I do not forget our anniversary”.

Did you receive a lot of wedding gifts?
Lena: We did not celebrate, we had a small dinner at a restaurant with family. We have everything, there is nothing really that can be gifted to us except for feelings, wishes and to be there with us.

What about the amazing orange Bentley that I saw?
Lena: That was Dima’s gift and it was a big surprise. To pick out a car the same color as my hair is only possible by someone who is a wild romantic, which is who Dima is. That gift practically swept me off my feet, I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. I get great pleasure driving this car.

The headlines read that your husband gave you an “embarrassing gift”. What was it, did he sing to you?
Lena: I don’t know, I did not see that headline. But he did sing to me, yes. I know how he sings and the way he sang it then was a lot better than what I normally hear.

I know your husband had health issues and you battled a tough illness. How is everything now?
Lena: Everything is good, Dima is in remission. Everything went smooth and fairly quickly, so there is no more problem, it has been resolved.

We are waiting for the headline, “Lena Katina has birthed another child”.
Lena: I very much hope so, we are in the process of trying.

Lena, thank you. Hello to Julia.
Lena: Absolutely.

We are waiting for your concert. I hope that your songs will once again get you exposure in the West. I hope everyone listens and is jealous. Thank you so much.
Lena: Thank you.