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Lena Katina on Jara TV’s “Star Review”

Lena Katina appeared on Jara TV’s “Star Review”, where she discussed future plans for t.A.T.u. and her solo career. Below is a summary of the most interesting topics Lena discussed.


  • The t.A.T.u. tribute show is still planned to happen
  • Lena does not consider the Minsk show a t.A.T.u. reunion
  • Julia and Lena have plans together and get together to discuss things, but Lena said it is better not to reveal anything yet
  • There are t.A.T.u tracks planned, but Lena will not reveal what kind and in which language


  • The EP album is a slightly different format – the lyrics are what Lena is used to, but the melodies are more experimental that pushed Lena out of her comfort zone
  • The EP will consist of 5 tracks all in Russian


  • The largest sum of money for a performance Lena was paid was $250,000 USD in Japan
  • “Doschitai Do Sta” is the song that Lena and Julia did not like and removed it from their program when they could