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December 16th, Club MosConcert XXXX is turning 2 years old! The gift to all friends of the cub will be a concert from the brunette Julia Volkova from the provacative duet t.A.T.u., which will occur with the support of Tuborg.

Julia Volkova first appeared on the Russian music scene at the end of 2000 in the controversial and scandalous duet t.A.T.u. together with Lena Katina. Having success in Russia and Eastern Europe, the group continued to record songs in English. In London they recorded “Ya Soshla S Uma” (“All The Things She Said”) and “Nas Ne Dagoniat” (“Not Gonna Get Us”)- English versions of the two most sensational hits. Their debut alum “200 Po Vstrechnoi” reached 5 million copies in sales, which is the best selling debut album of a Russian pop group in music history. 

In 2005, t.A.T.u. proved that they are capable of more than just one hit. Their single “All About Us” became platinum, leading the charts in Europe. t.A.T.u. worked with many talented professionals on their next album “Dangerous and Moving” including Sting, Dave Stuart, Richard Carpenter, Trevor Horn and Brian Adams. In 2009 Yulia accepted the decision to end t.A.T.u. due to creative differences with the leaders of the group.

In August 2011 Julia Volkova officially announced the beginning of her solo career, signing a contract with one of the largest and successful recording companies in Russia, Gala Records, representing the interests of international concern of EMI in our territory. The debut solo single “All Because Of You”/“Sdvinu Mir”, which will be in English and Russian was recorded in Sweden with the participation of producers that have collaborated with such stars as Sophie Ellis- Bextor, Мiley Cyrus “Hannah Montana”, Sean Kingston and Ashley Tisdale. 

Julia also makes an effort in a movie and gets ready for her debut on the big screen. She plays one of the main roles in the movie from the film company New Wave Production with the participation of the creative association “New Project” under the working title “Fear Mongers”. In the film there is a great cast, in which besides Yulia Volkova, audience favorite Mikhail Efremov is involved and the rising star, the handsome Anton Zinoviev. The premiere is planned for autumn 2012.

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