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Lena Katina's "Taxi"

To read the lyrics, click here.

I think the song is quite catchy and is something I am playing on repeat over and over. I think the beat is infatuating and definitely sounds like something people would want to drive along to in their car, whether streaming it or listening to it on the radio – it definitely has potentials to get into charts.

The words remind me of the song “Mono” – same theme about the road and its lines. It’s almost like “Mono Part 2”. (Even the song artwork is reminiscent of the one for “Mono” with the font, its red color and the grainy photo treatment). I think the lyrics are cohesive for the most part and written decently. There is nothing deep here, but it is also not banal.

I like the balance of the calm, deep vocals in the verses and stronger, higher notes in the chorus. Those higher notes were something missing from the “Mono” album and got introduced with “Nikogda“. However, I do not think the vocals in the chorus are strong and it seems like a struggle for her even with the polished studio version (the “Nighttime Like” is 100% playback). It is definitely out of her range and I guess this is what she meant when she said she was pushing her comfort zone
. This will definitely be hard to sing 100% live so I am going to assume that she will be using playback during the chorus in live performances, just like with “Nikogda“.

The instrumental is catchy and definitely entices the listener to move and even dance. The sound that comes in after the chorus is interesting. I hear a clicking sound after Lena sings, “I cut the lights”, which I assume is supposed to be the light switch being flicked.