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Lena Katina on Radio Sol’

Lena Katina appeared on Radio So’l, where she discussed her latest single, her writing process, and the deluxe version of her first album.

When will your new single be released?
In October. We will probably release it in English, but it’s a track in both English and Russian called “Silent Hill” (Eng)/“Nirvana For Both” (Rus). The documentation part is happening now, we’re getting all the logistics in order.

You performed in Eurovision. Is this a real contest or is it filled with politics and it is determined prior as to who will win?
It’s hard to say. I think it’s wrong for known artists to perform in these kind of contests. I think that Eurovision has been more of a show than a song contest for a while now. Personally, I think that we (t.A.T.u.) sang horribly and did not deserve even 3rd place. There were reasons for this, of course. I know that Channel 1 Russia received an official letter from England, who gave us 0 points, during which time we were at the top of the charts there, stating we received 12 points from them and the results were altered. Again, I do not think we deserved it, but the song is cool…We had barely any rehearsal time and during that time we lip synced during performances, so we had no practice singing live. So, it was bad due to the lack of practice.

What did you do 3 minutes before going out on the stage?
You think I remember?…standing behind the scenes and shaking.

Do you write your own songs?
I’m a co-author.

Where is it easier to write for you?
In Moscow I sometimes help my husband, if I hear something I will tell him what to add. I wrote my album in L.A. and the atmosphere there is ideal for creativity. We have a studio at Sven’s home with a swing in the backyard, it’s awesome there.

Will you tour?
I have been going to different cities in the last few months and performing while recording new material, which I hope will be released soon…[Regarding touring] This is a question for my director and, in fact, I go where I am invited. So get your promoters to bring me to your city.

Do you save your awards, CDs, posters, and things that remind you of t.A.T.u.?
Yes of course, I have a place for all this. It’s in Moscow at home.

Do you listen to your old songs?
I don’t really listen to music, especially if I am planning to write something because it interferes and you end up writing in someone else’s style.

Caller Questions (there was no audio for these questions):

Regarding the release of the deluxe version of Lena’s first album.
Yes, there are plans. It is hard to create a plan for this, to be honest. The deluxe is being worked on. We are wondering if there is a point in releasing it. If we do release it, we have to decide what to put on it. There is a lot of material which was left over, so we can’t decide what to include. We also have to do an interesting artwork design. I can tell you one thing, we are releasing a DVD with the concert from Rome, as a limited release in Europe. But, regarding the deluxe album – I am in Russia now and the guys who are working on this are in America. So, if you don’t constantly tell them to work on it then it takes a long time. I am waiting for it myself. I want to release it because there are songs which did not make the album, but are worth hearing.

Regarding a Russian song being translated into English.
Oh no, I do not think I will be releasing it. I am not happy with the lyrics because they sound like a direct translation from English. It’s wrong and it sounds bad. I’d rather write new songs in Russian instead.

Source: Lena Katina’s Official VK Page