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Verona Festival!
A gala-concert closing the famous Festivalbar took place in Italy on September 7th. This is an annual festival that lasts several days. During the first few days young stars compete and on the last night the ancient Verona arena (that looks like the Coliseum but it has been well preserved) hosts international stars with their best hits. t.A.T.u. have performed in front of an audience of 15,000 people with their hit “All the Things She Said”. Amongst those who have also been on the stage that night with Yulia and Lena were Shakira, Morcheeba, Sophie Ellis Bexter, Zuccero, Tiziano Ferro, Las Ketchup. When t.A.T.u. was about to start their performance, festival managers appeared and asked the girls not to kiss on the stage because a television version was to be shown all over Italy. Do you think Yulia and Lena did as they were said? All of the 15,000 Italian spectators yelled like mad during the long t.A.T.u. kiss!

A Festival in Romania!
On September 6th t.A.T.u. have performed at the “Golden Deer” festival in Romania. This is another country where the group’s popularity can make other artists envious. Yulia and Lena are always attacked by fans asking for autographs. Girls were almost the last to perform, having let the famous Scorpions close one of the biggest European festivals.

t.A.T.u. in the Spanish charts
In 3rd place! Only two weeks after having appeared on the Spanish radio stations. Everyone predicts the hit “All the Things She Said” (an English version of the song “Ya Soshla S Uma”) will get even higher next week!

The video “All the Things She Said” has appeared on MTV Holland.

On September 5th t.A.T.u. arrived to Romania to take part in the “Golden Deer” festival. Their performance will take place on September 6th. MTV Romania journalists and reporters from many musical magazines are fighting to get an interview with the girls.


On September 7th Yulia and Lena are going to Verona to take part in the shooting of a musical show on the Italian channel RAI 1.


The first English t.A.T.u. single “All the Things She Said” has appeared at the end of August on the National Spanish Radio. It is the biggest radio station in Spain and its telephones are now always busy with calls from those who want to listen to the song. The very emotional Spanish listeners discuss the song on air and are looking forward to the video to appear. Imagine how happy they will be when the video is released! It’s coming really soon!

t.A.T.u’s American Release

On September 10th the first single of the group will appear in US and Canada stores. Just like in Russia, the first single will be the song “I’ve Lost My Mind”. t.A.T.u. – this is how the group will be called in America. The single will be called “All the Things She Said”. The lyrics, by the way, have been carefully translated into English.

America Is Ready For A Sensation

The two last weeks of August t.A.T.u. have spent in America. This November their story and the photos will appear in the best music magazines. The most respected electronic music magazine “Mixer” has chosen Yulia and Lena for their November cover. Moby has also been on this cover this year. t.A.T.u. have been interviewed by journalists from the famous Rolling Stone magazine. They have also worked in the most fashionable magazines, such as “Interview”, “Jane”, “Spin”, every one of which tried to arrange their own shoot. 7 days in New York were full of meetings with journalists and photographers. Lena and Yulia were interviewed by MTV US on the first day after their arrival because they wanted to be the first to meet the girls. CNN have arranged a meeting with the group in Los Angeles on the famous Melrose Place to combine business and entertainment: after the meeting Lena, Yulia and the journalists went shopping. Read our special report about their adventures and the people they met!

America. t.A.T.u. Will Be Interviewed in English.

On August 18th t.A.T.u. are leaving for New York. This is not their first trip to America. But for America it is the first time their single will be released (since the beginning of August in music stores and on all the radio stations), it is the first time their video will appear (on August 16th on MTV US), and it is the first time t.A.T.u. will appear on the American market as artists of equal standing. Their English album “200 km/h in the Wrong Lane” will be released in September, so that during these two weeks the singers will have a very busy schedule: work at Interscope Records, the company that is releasing their first American album, an interview for CNN, shoots for teen magazines. And this is only the beginning, because a week in Los Angeles will be followed by a week in New York. That is where an interview for MTV and also shoots for glossy magazines will take place. Considering the speed with which Yulia and Lena are moving about the US these 2 weeks can be easily taken for a month. By the way, vacations in LA are also in the schedule. In the beginning of September t.A.T.u. will come back to Moscow and will then go to Western Europe to present their album, which is due to appear on November 7th.

A Report of a t.A.T.u. Fan From Slovakia

Read the report about t.A.T.u.’s concerts in Slovakia in the “concerts” section. This time it was received from a mother of real t.A.T.u. fans: this is a story about how Bronislava Kucharnikova, together with her daughter, went wild at the concert!

TATU are making a movie!

A documentary about the TATU group is about to be completed. It will contain everything that the TATU girls have not talked about during the last two years: the real story of Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova, who used to tell about these things only to each other. Ever after the group was formed, TATU did not give interviews, did not answer indiscreet questions, did not tell about themselves. Fans had to arrive at what the love story was about and journalists had to think out rumors and hunt for information. Meanwhile TATU filmed nearly every day of their lives on the video in order to show later to everyone what it was all about. The first TATU’s outspoken interview and the never before showed archive materials will soon be united in a movie that everyone will see.

Video “Simple Motions”

A new video in mpg and on-line video on the site in the downloads section. Download, watch!

TATU became T.A.T.U.

An interview with the Russian group TATU has been published on the mtv.com site. And in August an English version of the TATU popular song “All the Things She Said” will appear on air of all the American radio stations. In September this single will appear in the stores. So this time Americans will wonder and ask themselves whether “they are really lesbian”. We have got less than a month to wait, the English video is completed already. Meanwhile you can read an interview with Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova: http://www.mtv.com/news/yhif/tatu

TATU in Poland. Top of the charts

Popularity of the duet has at last reached Poland. The first places in the charts, invitations from the glossy magazines – everything as usual. TATU are really glad and that’s why it is in Poland that Yulia and Lena are going on the 10th of July on a “friendship visit”. It means that in three days they will talk with 15 magazines and newspapers, will give an interview to 10 radio stations, will appear on 10 TV-channels, won’t miss all the main internet portals and will also take part in two photo-sessions. After that Polish teenagers will start to learn Russian and will declare their love to the girls in it. This is the way the wave of interest in Russian and Russian music started in Chech Republic half a year ago.

“I’ve lost my mind” in English

The TATU group video has been re-filmed for the American MTV viewers. It will be shown this summer to the Americans and the Japanese who are unaware of the trick. The initial version of the video was approved of by everybody, but the girls sang in Russian and the articulation did not match with the English one. That is why we have left the scenes with the supers intact and the all the close-ups with the singing girls were re-shot for the English version. Yulia had to have her hair cut three times for the shooting, in order to get a boyish haircut she had had two years ago, when the video for “I Am Going Mad” had been made. Lena’s hair was also colored thrice, because the she had to become a blonde, and she kept turning red. And then the process began. The girls ran out on the stage to sing their part in turn under the artificial rain. While one was warming up in the car, the other suffered under the cold rain. Everything was done very quickly, because the girls did their best – nobody wants to freeze under the cold rain! Then several refrains in a duet and the famous kiss – say hi to the puritan America! A stylist was checking thoroughly that all the details, haircuts and clothes would match ideally the first part of the video. For soon the montage will be made in order to unite the scenes shot two years ago and the recent ones to create a single video “All the things she said”. And no one will notice anything.

TATU in America

On June, 10th Yulia and Lena came back from New York. This was the shortest and the most busy trip to America, it lasted just 2 days. Right before the trip an invitation to give an interview at the most popular show on the American MTV was received. TRL has been on air for 2 yaers now daily and is immensely popular. The rumor about the coming of a Russian group made TV-show producers compete for the right to be the first to show it to Americans. Show-business pros know what they’re doing – very soon TATU’s first English single will appear, which is doomed for sensational success! It was Lena who mostly told about Tatu in this interview, she speaks English fluently (she is studying in a specialized English school). Still then both girls had to bear a 5-hour flight to Los Angeles, where they had to work in a studio. It was decided that the new hit “Simple Motions” would be recorded in English. A new full-blooded English album is about to be released in America and in Japan, which will include this song as well. By the way, the hit “I Am Going Mad” in English will be called “All The things She Said”. And the next day the girls worked with one of the best photographers, who had made photos for the album covers for Sheril Crow and for other stars. The make-up people were also at this photo-session were also really cool, they had made hairdos and make-up for Britney Spears and Christina Aguiliera. TATU luckily did not need that much make-up. Actually all artists in America are usually provided with a “complete” make-up. Different scenery was set up in a huge film studio – starting with a road with motorbikes and to finish with – an old dilapidated house . Yulia and Lena had to change 5 hairdos and make-ups in one day. Shopping was also part of the program naturally. All that during just two days!

TATU in Irkutsk.

The trip from Moscow to New York and then to Irkutsk was quite impetuous. Having had a day in Moscow, the girls went straight to the Baikal Lake so that in Irkutsk to make an unforgettable appearance in Irkutsk. Read the report of one of the fans!



On June the 10th Yulia and Lena came back from New York It was the shortest and the most busy trip to America, it lasted only 2 days. The day before the trip an invitation to take part in the most popular American MTV show was received. TRL (the name of the super-show) has been on air daily for 2 years now and has always been immensely popular. The news of the coming of a Russian group made the TV-show producers compete for the right to be the first to show it to the American spectators. Soon! Read about the American experience of Yulia and Lena!


The scandalous/shocking TATU video

The new, most scandalous TATU video presentation took place in Moscow on May 30th. The new song “Simple Motions” hints at the contents, but no one among the invitees expected such frankness from the TATU girls. The shooting of this video has long ago been surrounded by shocking rumors, there were even versions concerning sex with animals… The video starts with the simplest motions – masturbation. If you can catch the right rhythm, you’ll watch this video to the end with satisfaction. In time with Yulia’s arousing motions, Lena also makes simple motions, sitting alone in a cafe. The ones we all do often, all we need do is learn to do it with pleasure. When you’ll see Yulia’s eyes on “home video” at the moment of orgasm, you’ll understand everything’s real. This frankness was at first shocking, and then made the first spectators applaud. Among them were the members of the State Duma, who stated before the presentation they were ready for any provocation. Not all of them were back to their senses after discussing the first video, “All the Things She Said” on MTV. One has to admit they have passed the test with dignity, though the degree of appreciation varied. Boris Nadezhdin respectively expressed a hope that the girls, having switched from lesbian love to masturbation would in time find a “good man”. All in all Boris Nadezhdin liked the video, just like deputy Andrei Wolf who has praised the skill of the director of the video – Ivan Shapovalov, but added, that he didn’t figure out what was happening right away. At first he thought that Lena was just sleeping. A more experienced Victor Cherepkov said he understood the problems of teenagers perfectly and proposed to show the video at a parliament session. Unfortunately Yelena Drapenko could not watch the video (she had to go to St. Petersburg), but in her message she congratulated the girls with receiving the IFPI platinum disk and wished they would create more images of “romantic happy love” in their new videos. The speech of the most active Duma deputy Alexey Mitrofanov was quite impressive: he confessed that after seeing the video he had no complaints concerning the work of TATU and promised that the draft banning lesbian love will be recalled. We hope it is recalled and forgotten as violating the right to “express yourself freely”! The rumors about the possible banning of the video were dispelled by the deputies, who have expressed such support. We all make simple motions and that’s what unites us.


TATU’s simple motions

On May 30th TATU are coming to Moscow to present a new video for the song “Simple Motions”. The video was made in April in Moscow, but its contents were top secret until the very last days. Yes, it will certainly shock you. Yes, you’ll soon see it on TV. Yulia and Lena promise you a most exciting experience! Sit tight!


TATU in Moscow

On May 24th TATU have come back from Bulgaria after an exciting journey! During the 2 days in Moscow they are hoping to rest and meet their friends. And then – a new tour to Ukraine, where the fans are known to be really boisterous.


One concert less in Bulgaria When the TATU concert in the city of Plovdiv was canceled, it was the fans who were most disappointed. Now they’ll have to wait for a new TATU tour in Bulgaria. The girls were also very distressed: due to the conservative views of the authorities, the spectators did not see their favorite group (the city mayor banned the concert 2 hours before the show). Next morning all the newspapers presented their versions of the reasons for this scandal and came to the conclusion that it had to do with the puritan views of the Bulgarian bureaucracy! Now we may confidently say that the Plovdiv Mayor and the Minister of Internal Affairs know the TATU group.

TATU got an “Ovation” for…

Which song was considered the best last year? The popular song by TATU “They’re not gonna get us” was called “The Best Hit” at the musical awards “Ovation” ceremony. Yulia and Lena received two golden hands for two. Knowing how at the concerts fans always sing this song in unison, the girls were not surprised. It was really the most eminent hit of the year 2001. TATU were not present at the ceremony and saw the award only the next day, when they came back from Bulgaria.

TATU’s concert in Bulgaria was banned!

On May 22 mayor of the city of Plovdiv has decided to ban the concert of the Russian pop-duet TATU in his city. This order was signed by the Minister of Internal Affairs Boris Petkanov personally. It should be noted that all the decisions were made incredibly quickly: everyone heard about the banning only in 16:00 – 2 hours before the planned concert. The official explanation – infringement of the security measures in the concert organization. Despite the fact that all the necessary permits were received 2 weeks before the event, the authorities insist on this version. Judging by the haste of the authorities and their evident wish to prevent the concert of the lesbian duet, the decision to ban the show was made on the highest level and may be considered political .Now TATU in respect to their impact on the society can be compared to Madonna: her concerts had been banned in Italy by the Pope after the appearance of several scandalous videos. It is clear that this scandal will only add to the popularity of the duet in Bulgaria, where according to the magazines’ opinion polls TATU is called the most popular foreign group.

TATU in Germany

While the new video for the song “Simple Motions” is being edited, the group is travelling around the festive May Germany. All in all they will visit 5 cities. Now we may say confidently that the number of listeners has grown considerably during the last 3 months because an English single has been released this spring in Germany. And it is well known that pop-music in English is extremely popular in Germany. After conquering Germany TATU will come back to Moscow on May 23rd with new stories and new photos. The report about the tour is under way!

TATU gets an award for a million of sold discs!

On May 2002 the Russian pop-duet “TATU” has received the IFPI Platinum Europe Award for a million of sold copies of the album “200 in the wrong lane” in Europe. The platinum disc was awarded by John Kennedy, head of Universal Music International and Jay Berman, head of IFPI. “TATU” were the only ones to get this award in Eastern Europe. What is sensational is the fact that there were no special versions made for the European spectators. The album was sold by thousands in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and other countries of Eastern Europe. After the release of the TATU hits all the magazines of these countries started publishing the translation of the lyrics and schoolchildren now buy Russian conversation-books! No other group has ever been so successful in Russia and abroad and the award is a proof of this record. Representatives of the recording label were obviously proud when handing the platinum disc – the “TATU” group is now the most successful project in Russia. One should note that there are not many awards that may be compared in objectivity with the IFPI Europe Platinum Award – it is presented for a million of sold discs so that there is no fretful jury or complicated intrigues. It is the most real award that reflects the popularity of TATU in our country and in Europe.

TATU made their first appearance in 2000 with a scandalous video “All the Things She Said” which was at the top of Russian radio and TV charts. Soon after that Universal Music Russia signed a contract with the group for the release of three albums and released the debut disc first in Russia and then in Slovakia, Bulgaria and Czech Republic. The success of “I’ve lost my mind” and “30 minutes” has ensured a stable position of the group at the top of the charts, having thus proven that TATU is not a group of one hit. This summer the album “200 in the wrong lane” should appear in other European countries. IFPI Platinum Europe Award was established in 1996 along with a similar award in the USA. Since then over 700 artists were presented with Platinum Europe Award. Most of them were representatives of the American and English musical industry. It is the first time Platinum Europe is awarded to East European artists.

TATU on the covers!

It is not so often that TATU come to Moscow for a whole week. During these May days Yulia and Lena had time to rehearse several songs for the concert version. Lena had time to take part in the shooting of a new video and girls had a photo-session together for several magazines at a time.

Soon! Look for TATU on the covers!

A new video!

The shooting lasted for 2 days at the very heart of Moscow. Any passer-by could appear on the screen because everything had to look real and natural: Lena surrounded by some people. But it was naturally mostly the lovely spring girls who were in the frame. Those who like to go to cafes in twos and have a look around, chatting. You’ll also see: cakes, cups, waitresses and a thousand tiny details we don’t usually notice. Only Yulia was missing. The TATU project has not yet become a solo project and still the second TATU girl wasn’t there.

Passers-by stopped by the shop-windows, recognized the red Lena and asked immediately where the other girl was. Yulia was not present at the shooting and the reason is still not clear. Some say she was too shy to take part in it because she was tired of shocking people. But who will believe that?

TATU are in perfect shape!

Girls are once again in perfect shape. Several days ago the shooting team(?) was waiting impatiently for the sunny weather to continue filming a new video. The intrigue is becoming more and more mysterious: Yulia has not appeared on the set even once!


TATU have canceled a concert! One of the TATU girls has suddenly fallen ill!

The reason is most grave. One of the girls has suddenly fallen ill! On April 18th the group came back from Israel where they had a big enormously successful concert in Tel Aviv. Having arrived to cool Moscow after the 30 degrees hot weather Lena suddenly felt sick. While Yulia and the group were preparing for departure, Lena and her Mom called an ambulance and bought medicines. For several hours it was completely unclear whether the concert at Chukotka, which is a 10-hour flight away, would be canceled. In the evening Lena’s fever got worse which made her parents and the manager panic. Lena herself could not decide to try to endure the long flight and a concert even if she wished to. After consulting a doctor a decision was made that Lena should stay in bed and the concert had to be canceled!

TATU back in the studio!

On April 15th Yulia and Lena have finished their work in the studio. They were recording a new hit, the video for which is going to be made very soon. Altogether the girls worked in the studio for three days until they got an ideal version. By the way the longest process in TATU’s career was the recording of the song “They Won’t Get Us”. It lasted for several weeks, but the result was undoubtedly worth it! It was the most successful hit last year! Look forward to new sensations very soon!

TATU: a new video – a new scandal!

The group is starting to film a video for a completely new song. You haven’t heard or seen anything like that before. Lena and Yulia won’t unveil the plot, but looking innocently in the eye tell us: “We won’t surprise you, we will shock you”. Everyone knows they are really good at that. Still no one knows what to expect from the next video, but TATU are not afraid of rumors. In reality everything is going to be even more cool!

A new report

In the concert section a new report about the TATU concert in Czech Republic is available.

On April 11 TATU received an award.

On April 11 TATU got an award “Bed of the Year” in the nomination “Sex-dissidents”. Who are they? Well… they are people who were not afraid to show they don’t care about traditional sex orientation. Receiving the diploma, Yulia asked the audience: “Are there any gays among you?” They were more than a half but the answer was awkward silence. Singer Shura, who was standing on the stage, shouted laughing, that there were none and Yulia added: “Sure, there are only dissidents”. After that they tried to give the girls some condoms as a prize. Yulia asked reasonably: “What do we need it for?” and Lena answered: “I guess just for our collection”. Now the new diploma is a part of the collection of TATU awards and every visitor of the producer company “Neformat” is interested who are these “sex dissidents”.

TATU’s love against war in Israel. The group is going to Tel Aviv.

“They’ve been waiting for us for a long time. The best promoters in Israel have proposed to organize an event “Love against war”. We agreed, of course, because we are always for love and always against aggression. We are hoping to give an example to the others. We decided t go in order to convince: love is stronger.” The group is going to fly off to Israel on April 16th to give a concert in Tel-Aviv. The Israel party guarantees security though absolute safety cannot be guaranteed even by the prime-minister himself. Naturally the girls security will be enforced to the maximum. These are the official requirements of the group’s management: the group should not live in a hotel. The best security tem during the concert. A minimum of 30 men. Special equipment at the club entrance is a must. The group will go about the city only accompanied by local bodyguards familiar with the situation. The inviting party agrees absolutely with these requirements and give another guarantee – a full house at the TATU concert. It is now the most popular group in Israel. And if two little girls have decided to undertake such a journey, it was in order to tell once more: “love each other”.

TATU’s concert on Israel Independence Day

“Love Against War” is the name of the event bound to take place on April 16th in Tel-Aviv. The atmosphere on this day in the Israeli capital is supposed to be tense. All the tickets to the concert are sold out, it will be the first live show of the group and the interest is enormous. Finally a decision was taken to enlarge the security staff up to 100 men and also to use a helicopter and police cars. Only in that case the inviting party can guarantee the group’s safety.

TATU brought golden discs from Prague!

Another sensation: Czechs now TATU’s songs by heart! And many of them do not speak Russian – it is no longer studied at school. That is why all the ceremonies were conducted in Chech. The girls received 2 golden discs – one for the quantity of sold discs and the second – for love. There were over 10.000 copies of the album “200 in the wrong lane” sold in Czech Republic – Popron Traxx company reported. It also made a golden frame for the disc. The second prize – from the Czech company Nova for the first positions of TATU in the chart. Yulia and Lena did not get to learn how “Thank You” in Czech sounded but still they were very pleased! They got more positive emotions from the super-successful shows in 4 cities.

TATU in Israel: “Concerts under threat!”

There are just two weeks left before the concerts and it is still not clear how the situation will be changing. Now the girls and their producers are warned by everyone and advised to stay home. It should be pointed out that TATU is the favorite Russian project in Israel and the interest is further stimulated by the fact that the album is not available in stores and the songs and videos are obtained from the internet and a live show has long been awaited. Director of the group keeps in touch with Israel party in order to be aware of the changes. Everyone is waiting.

Spring Prague is waiting for TATU again!

Having returned from America “TATU” started to get ready for the trip to Czech Republic. By the way their fan-club site there is about to open. Incredible popularity of TATU in Czech Republic has beaten the records of their domestic Czech groups. Upon learning of the TATU’s arrival, 12 radio stations and 2 TV-channels fought for the right to talk with the girls. Stylists and photographers also fought for the right to make a photo-session. After all they had to choose only the very best: a press-conference, a photo-session, several radio and TV-interviews (Czech are pretty good at Russian and Russian cherish that). On the 4th of April TATU will be warmly welcomed in Prague. Wait for the report.

TATU VS border-guards

Two little girls had a hard time at London Heathrow Airport. Producers brought Yulia and Lena to the airport 2 hours before the flight. And in America everything was ready for the arrival of the “precious cargo”. That is where the English border-guards emerged. They could not believe that there could be such independent girls who are flying to America to record an album in one of the best studios. All in all they thought that the 2 girlfriends simply decided to run away from home and thought out a nice story. Several hours of negotiations between England and America convinced at last the strict customs-guards that everything was ok. But the plane was off by that time. Girls had to wait for the next one and this time there were no problems. And no ghosts.

The magic city

TATU came to Los Angeles at the time of the famous cinema ceremonies. Everyone was excited about the “Oscar” and Yulia and Lena started to work at once: there are several songs to record for the English album to be completed. “Clowns”, “Gay Boy” and “I Am Not Your First One” have already been recorded in English.

From Karaganda to London

Recently girls when asked where they were could most frankly and gladly answer “In Karaganda!” This was on March 15th, and then a most serious London was awaiting them. Serious and even gloomy… Yulia and Lena went to England to record two songs in English – a normal business trip. But they found out they would be staying in an old mansion built in the 16th century. That is where the studio is situated. That is when they found out that the scary stories about ghosts were all true: the doors did creak ominously, the cold wind moaned sinisterly and the lucky ones even heard the sound of footsteps in an empty room. The good point is one may be sure to have enough exciting impressions for the next day in the studio. That is why perhaps Sting also stayed in the huge mansion when he was working in Trevor Horn’s studio. Next stop – Los Angeles, where TATU are continuing to record their first American album. Wait for the details!

A new report

In the “Concerts” section – read the report about the concert of TATU in Nizhny Novgorod.

A competition for the best new song for TATU

TATU is organizing a competition for the best new song! We believe in the “new people” concept in show-business and value fresh ideas. That is why winners of the competition – composers who haven’t yet worked with TATU – will be able to collaborate with the group in the recording of three songs for the English release. Send us your demo-versions (in mp3) and we’ll send the lyrics. Send your works to konkurs@taty.ru. NOTE: the authors of the album (music and the text) get around 8% of the price of each sold disc, that means that if each costs about 12$ – 1$ for each sold disc. One million copies of TATU’s album “200 in the counter-lane” was sold. Calculate!

A new report

In the “Concerts” section a report about TATU’s concert in the club “Aquatoria” in St. Petersburg is available.

Concerts in St. Petersburg

On the 1st and on the 8th of March “TATU” gave concerts in St. Petersburg. The concert on the first of March in the “Plaza” night club was nearly one year after their first concert in the northern capital, which took place in the same night club on February 23rd 2001. Like last year the club was full. “We did not expect sucha warm welcome” – said Yulia and Lena. And on the festive 8th of March TATU gave a concert (the 6th in St. Petersburg) in the Yubileiny Hall. The hall, which was far larger than the one in Plaza, was also full to the brim – about 4 thousand spectators came. TATU promised to come next time with a new program

TATU are back from Germany

TATU are back from Germany. The photo-session with a famous photographer Neta Koenig, who often works for Universal, was most successful, the girls said. The session lasted for three hours and Lena and Yulia changed their outfit thrice. Their free time girls spent not only at the nightclubs. They walked around Berlin, they liked the Alexenderplatz square, Reichstag and the view of Berlin TV-tower from the 29th floor of the hotel. The concert was only for the representatives of the Universal recording company but even these professionals in the musical sphere were according to Adrian Ross, an employee of Universal, “shocked by the professionalism and energy of the group”.


Early in the morning on the 4th of March will go to a sales-conference in Germany. On the day of the arrival a photo-session with a famous photographer Neta Koenig is planned and the next day at 10 pm they will sing at the press-conference. TATU will come back to Moscow on the 6th of March at 6 pm.


In the “Downloads/Audio” section there is a new song – “Clowns”

Los Angeles

Girls came back from Los Angeles, where they have recorded a new song for the next Russian album. Later a video for this song will appear. They have also recorded English versions of the songs “I’ve lost my mind” and “They’re not gonna get us”.

200 in the wrong lane

On February 20th a second edition of the album “200 in the wrong lane” will be released. It will contain a new song “Clowns” and several new remixes as well as a video for the song “30 minutes’.