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Поднебесная (Podnebesnaya)

This is one of the most joyful series from the project: an abundance of videos from concerts immerses in an atmosphere of stunning success and national pride, as many love t.A.T.u. for the fact that these two girls gave Russians the gift of opportunity to experience these already almost forgotten feelings

Vitaly Mansky so commented this series as follows:

"This is how the riddle of t.A.T.u. ends - they know how to turn everything on its head. As a result, what was meant to be an introduction, a fairytale about conquering the world with the first album, eventually turned into an afterward, as no one ever expressed any new words. The new album did not happen as it should have, and that is why we remind you in the epilogue about our compatriots joyful success on the world stage. The have sold 7 MILLION COPIES of their CD! They received 15 platinum and 20 gold discs in different countries, including those which no Russian artist has ever stepped into."

The 11th was the presentation of the "Podnebesnaya" compilation CD, which included one track from t.A.T.u., one track from Ivan Demyan, and 1- tracks from new artists unknown to anyone. They are those winners which success and recognition awaits. During these three months thousands of people sent in their work to Podnebesnaya and only these 10 lucky ones attracted the attention of the leaders of Neformat...A variety of interesting characters were seen at the presentation: Arthur Gasparyan, Eduard Limonov, Vitaly Mansky, Police of Morals, Ivan Demyan...only t.A.T.u. were not there.

March 12th - Vitaliy shared with us his impressions from the first (and only) visit into Podnebesnaya as a guest and not as the the project director:

"I heard the album on a CD and and it made a much better impression on me rather than how I heard at Podnebesnaya along with a large group of guests. This new creation form Neformat has no chance to get at least one-hundredth of the recognition that t.A.T.u.'s first album received worldwide."

Well, it seems that is it...The project has ended. Has it?

Manskiy: "I would make a point with this phrase: If you speak about the future for the participants of t.A.T.u., than I, as before, am ready to suggest all possible and impossible options - From the fact that in a month, having understood everything, they will return to the bosom of Neformat to them leaving for a monastery or flying to Mars. Another producer can also warm up to them. But, they will sing this first album. They will not have a second one. Never. For the second album we don't mean a disc with a certain set of songs, we mean success! Without Shapovalov they will not be able to repeat this success. It is pointless for another producer to invest in them...t.A.T.u. has grown up. Of course, it is possible to think up something new, but what is the point of coming up with something new for "children which are not your own"?

Could there be any special editions of t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya?

Manskiy: "It's possible. It is necessary to put some points the way life will set them. So if the girls sue Ivan and will take the brand from him than I admit that it will be filmed and shown. The project needs some kinda of finale."

And for us it is necessary to thank everyone who worked with us on the internet support for t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya:

1. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina, for existing.

2. Vitaliy Manskiy, director of t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya, for the constant help in preparation of announcements for new episodes, for his patience, timely commentary, and his progressive attitude towards the internet. Thank you, Vitaliy!

3. Ivan Shapovalov, the creator of t.A.T.u. in Podnebesnaya, director of Neformat, for believing that there is not such thing as death. And if there is no past, then perhaps there is a future?

4. Artemy Troitsky, music critic, television host, and teacher, for his benevolent attention and interesting and relevant remarks.

5. Anna Sidorenko, the Rambler company, for workdays which were as fun as holidays. For team spirit and the pleasure of working in a team.

6. Alexsander Tityanko, Neformat, for the love and affection. For the unique ability and courage to cover all those who needed it with his fragile back.

7. Tatyana Shavrova, STS channel, for broadcasting all the advertisements for the show.

8. Olga Pozdnyakova, STS television channel, for the fact that the site has no embarrassing texts, excluding lyrics and "Stories from Podnebesnaya"

9. Sergei Ivanov, STS television channel, for regular and prompt updates of photos and for a pleasant company.

10. Elena Lopatyuk, Vertov & So company, for prompt information about what is happening in Podnebesnaya.

11. Ivan Zasursky, the company "Rambler", just for the fact that this site appeared.

Ivan Shapovalov's Experience

The Podnebesnaya Chronicles

Episode 13 - February 28th, Sunday

The Beginning
December 31st - New Year’s Eve at Podnebesnaya. Ivan Shapovalov is hanging out with Mankskiy and the girls, having fun and enjoying life.

New Year’s wishes from Manskiy:
“Happiness, health, love, new songs”.

Manskiy: “I want to wish that you record a new album this year, the coolest one in the history of mankind”.

The album, of course, will be recorded. And maybe in Podnebesnaya. But, alas, not by t.A.T.u.

Ivan: “Do you want to wish anything else?”

Vitaliy: “I wish that everything happens and I will drink to that”.

Julia: “Everything will happen, Vitaliy! Everything has ALREADY happened! We met. Now we won’t separate”.

Ivan about the freedom of the singers: “You are two grown up women”.
Julia: “And you are a grown up man. Happy New Year!”.

From January 1st on the 13th floor in Podnebesnaya t.A.T.u. was supposed to proceed with the recording of the new, second album. Instead, the singers are trying to explain the phenomenon that is their producer:

Julia: “Ivan is impossible to explain…”
Lena: “The relationship between us is deeper than anyone can imagine”.

The journalists are distracting from the work…

-Are you going to be part of history? Do you have such a goal?
Ivan: “That is a question for my descendants. I don’t make goals at all”.

-What is your relationship with religion?
Ivan: “Any religion is based on fear. It stems from the fact that there is death”.
Ivan: “If someone says “generally”, do not believe it! There is only here and now”.

-And what about the fact that the church condemns same-sex love?
Ivan: “It means a person who loves all people is bisexual?”

But everyone is convinced that the album will be released on time:

Julia: “March 13th our album will be released”.

On February 28th 32,127 letters with lyrics were mailed in.

January 17th t.A.T.u. In Podnebesnaya has started on STS. The main characters began to write a real life scenario.

At the end of January not one song has been recorded.

Julia: “I cannot sing today, it’s not my destiny”.

It seems that it’s not just today…
March 13th, 2004 - Instead of the new album you will see t.A.T.u.’s best hits. As events unfold, extra releases of t.A.T.u. on STS are possible.

To be continued…

Episode 12

Sunday, February 22nd

There are 21 days until the announced release date of the album.

Regardless of the public announcement about the singers leaving Ivan authors continue to write songs and visit Podnebesnaya.

February 20, 2004 - Julia turns 19.

Julia celebrated her birthday with a small group of family members. No one invited her to Podnebesnaya…

Ivan Shapovalov: I wouldn’t get it if Julia invited me somewhere for my birthday…

A year ago Ivan gave Julia his portrait as a gift - “Something which you cannot be without”.
18-year-old Julia. Ivan struggled with picking out a gift for Julia: “I do not want to pick anything. And I am sure that she does not need anything except for expression of love. I’ll go and buy a frame and give my portrait to her as a gift. I do not want anything else. A computer - sure. That is a gift from Neformat”. I want to give her my photo. I have a feeling that most of all she needs me…It is hard to give gifts. Why? Maybe because I don’t love Julia enough? But how can you not love a person for whom you have done as much as I have. t.A.T.u. is a phenomenon. You cannot change anyone there. You can only part ways. To close the project. How can you change a child? For money? I have enough”.

This was a year ago.

After a year passed by Julia found her photo behind Ivan’s, which Ivan hid a year ago.

Julia (to her father): The way he gave it to me is how it should stay. Leave it alone. It’s his gift. I always worried about him…a huge thank you to him for making us into such a band. He is great. It’s a shame, of course, that everything turned out how it did for him…Dad, the ideas are all Ivan’s…He did everything.

On her birthday Julia was invited to a taping of a television show.
A question arose: is Julia planning a solo career?

Julia: “We have a duet: Lena and I”.

In the studio the guys from SMASH wished Julia a happy birthday.

Yulia is congratulated even from prisons ... And from her fans.
“She talks to us like normal. We hang out with her…”

At Podnebesnaya Katya Nachayeva meets with the contenders of t.A.T.u.
Ivan never called to wish Julia a happy birthday. In any case, this was not recorded by any television camera.

t.A.T.u. In Podnebesnaya has come to an end. The administrators of the Pekin Hotel officially notified Ivan Shapovalov about the need to leave the Podnebesnaya studio rented by him before March 1, 2004.

What will happen on March 14th? No one knows.


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