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n.A.T.o. – behind this name hides a girl named Natalia Shevlyakova. A person who is interesting and talented. n.A.T.o. is firstly a project widely known by a large audience not by the songs, but by the scandalous and loud statements connected to the “holy father” of the singer, Ivan Shapovalov. However, having washed his protégé, father Ivan has washed his hands. And too bad…

In our opinion, n.A.T.o. is a unique project which, unfortunately, is not likely to take root in our show business, that’s filled up to the ears with filth

A nontraditional approach to expressing your emotions is extremely attractive. Firstly, the girl sings songs in Farsi, Tajik and Georgian. Secondly, the performer only appears in a hijab and the viewers can only see the singer’s eyes. However, for true creativity the degree of nudity of the performer is not important. For true artists creativity is paramount, not an external attribute. There is a reason they say that “eyes are the window to the soul”.

The image of n.A.T.o. was rather harshly received by the public and as a result many different taboos followed, which are difficult to overcome to this day. Having been labeled ” the singing shahidka” no one even bothered to pay the deserved attention to the girl’s songs. To sing about affections, feelings and understanding of life in an oriental way, but with Russian melancholy, can only be Natasha Shevlyakova. She sings songs in a way that makes the heart ache.

Alas, unfortunately, talent has to prove its worth and its right to exist, only meeting difficulties every day on its way. Natasha was not afraid of difficulties and has already recorded a debut album which contains 9 songs. The disk came out quite strong in sound and emotions, and, most importantly, is unparalleled in its beauty and creativity.

The promotion of the disc in Russia, as well as the entire project, was again screwed up by the guardians of order and the deputies, who saw in the singer’s provocative image only a mockery of human grief (the tragedy in Beslan and the tragedy of September 11th in the USA). However, it should be noted that as many people that there are, there are just as many opinions.

And now a contract has been signed with Natasha for the release of singles and an album in Germany, quickly making a new version of the video for the title song “Chor Javon” (“Four Fellows”). Now the clip is somewhat deeper than the first version for Russia. But, nevertheless, the main theme here is one of a senseless and stupid war. The time comes to play the clip and track on German music resources, n.A.T.o. fans appear abroad, while Russian fans hold their fists because of a successful future. But…due to a number of questions about copyright the Germans have to postpone the release of Natasha’s album a little bit. As a result, n.A.T.o. is free-floating.

But after a while, interest in the project does not cool down and there are more and more people who previously refused to perceive the girl exactly as a girl who sings about love, about love of life, and against war. And years later, this beautiful, deep, rich voice excites the secluded corners of the human soul with its warm melancholy, and immediately in front of you looms the eyes of a woman from the East, full of sadness and sorrow.

The successful combination of romance, philosophical lyrics, provocative image and a truly rich voice should be appreciated. And I want to believe that sooner or later the time will come when songs and an external image will be accepted together and not just an external image.