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post PD win
You will be performing very last, I am revealing a secret. Are you able to get the strength and energy to release it on this huge stage.
Julia: We will not say, you will see. We have worked with bigger stages, so we will make it work.


We’re increasing doses
My choice is made for you / Penetrating deep through the skin /
Penetrating the skin / Letting me / Needing / Choosing to feel / be closer / choice is / choices / Now I know my choice is
Only if you are not in me / Now I know my choice is for you / Making me feel closer to you / Everything that is and has been / Infect from within / infected within / only if you are not within

Touch me / Embrace me
And I will be saved / __ I’ll be saved
Let’s repeat / we’ll repeat
While the moon is shining in the window / and get exactly what we craved

Deep inside my lungs
Love has found its way / fulfill / feel / way
But the media lied to us / news sources say / that’s what they say / but they lied, they said / they say / but they’ll lie, they’ll say
Said the virus will kill / The virus can kill

Once again I can’t breathe / our time expired
Without your voice near / disconnected from your voice
I need you / required by desire / connected through desire / your touch is my desire
Incase we get infected / if we get infected by choice



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