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Updates About the t.A.T.u. Series

The Actress Playing Julia Volkova Tells About The Plot of the t.A.T.u. Series

Actress Irina Nizovtseva, who plays Julia Volkova in the upcoming series about t.A.T.u., tells Gezata.ru the details about the project. She noted that the series, called “B.Y.C.I.” (Busi / Beads / Necklace), will not be a documental series about the band and its singers will not be participating.

“The series is truly about t.A.T.u. – the story of the girls, their lives and the problems. Though, this is a creative project and not a documental one, so the scenarios are different than real life. The t.A.T.u. singers themselves are not participating in the project. Their last names have been changed in the series. The first names remain the same”, reports the actress.

Nizovtseva also noted that the creators have approval to use t.A.T.u.’s songs and Julia Volkova’s solo songs. She did not specify who exactly gave them permission. Earlier, Julia Volkova’s representative told Gazeta.ru that this was the first time she heard about the project.

Lena Katina will be played by Svetlana Voloshina in the series. The project is created through the efforts of the non-profit creative organization Voltstart.

Source: Gazeta.ru

Julia Volkova Has Refused to Participate in the Series About t.A.T.u.

The singer Julia Volkova has refused to participate in the series about t.A.T.u. The fact that she will not be involved in the project was announced to Gazeta.Ru by her concert director Katerina Dorosh.

“This is the first time I hear of this. Julia, of course, will not participate in this”, she said.

On May 21st, in the Arguments and Facts publication, information appeared about the t.A.T.u. series starting to be shot in St. Petersburg. In the article it was said that in the show the directors will present their vision about the the relationship between the singers of the group.

Last year, Lena Katina announced the reunion of the band in the scope of an official tribute concert. The singer said that she will take part in it as well as Julia Volkova. In addition, the performer made a reminder about the planned series about the band.

After this, composer Sergei Galoyan, who worked on the project, forbade Lena Katina to perform 10 songs from the band’s repertoire. The ban included hits like “Ya Soshla S Uma” and “Nas Ne Dagoniat”.

Source: Lenta.ru

What is Known About the t.A.T.u. Series?

A web-series which tells about t.A.T.u.’s story is being shot in St. Petersburg. The series is being made by the creative association Voltstart, which specializes in amateur film production.

The series will be called “B.Y.C.I.” (Busi / Beads / Necklace) – this is a reference to one of the variations for t.A.T.u.’s name.

At this time the creators of the series are not revealing the details of the storyline. Judging by the posts in the projects VK page, the events in it will develop in two time periods, and each of the singers will be played by two different aged actresses.

The series authors promise to tell “the story of the girls who were at the top of fame, had a fight, split up, but met again after 20 years.”

As Gazeta.ru reports, Julia Volkova’s role will be played by Irina Nizovtseva and Lena Katina will be played by Svetlana Voloshina. At the same time, the last names of the main characters in the series will be changed, but the names will remain.

In the words of Nizovtseva, the creators of the series have the approval to use t.A.T.u.’s songs. Although, author Sergei Galoyan said that he has not finalized any agreements and is ready to discuss the terms of the compositions being used only if the series turns out “well”.

Julia Volkova’s concert director, Katerina Dorosh, told Gazeta.ru that this is the first time she is hearing about this project and that the singer is not participating in it.

Source: aif.ru