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t.A.T.u. “200 Po Vstrechnoi” Tribute Concert

A summary of Sergio Galoyan’s Instagram Live from t.A.T.u.’s Official VK Page (July 6, 2021):

During a live video, author Sergio Galoyan, Valery Polienko, Elena Kiper and Lookport’s organizers of the “200 Po Vstrechnoi” tribute show, Alexsey Volkov and Tatiana Zhurabskaya openly answered to the accusatory press reports and Lena Katina’s statements, commented on the letter from Neformat, LLC, shared the details of negotiations with the soloists and answered questions from fans.

  1. All members of t.A.T.u. knew about the “200 Po Vstrechnoi” tribute in advance. Negotiations were held with Julia Volkova, Lena Katina and Ivan Shapovalov several months before the main announcement and the start of sales.
  2. t.A.T.u.’s songwriters are co-organizers of the event. Sergey Galoyan, Valery Polienko, Elena Kiper and more than 10 other people. Contracts have been made with them.
  3. Ivan Shapovalov has been discussing copyright conditions for more than 2 months.
  4. Organizers and t.A.T.u.’s authors really want Julia Volkova and Lena Katina to take part in the tribute show. Lena was offered any option for interaction, from simply being at the event to recording songs and performing together or solo, with all expenses covered. Representatives of Julia Volkova gave a rather harsh refusal to participate in the event due to the participation of one of the authors in the tribute.
  5. The permission of the t.A.T.u. singers or Neformat, LLC is not legally required for the tribute show. Julia Volkova and Lena Katina were not called out as participants in the announcement of the event, but the invitation and all the details were sent to them in advance and remain valid. Lookport are ready for further dialogue, performance at the show and the continuation of negotiations is at the discretion of Julia and Lena.
  6. The rights to the brand are not violated, since the project is called “Tribute Show, 200 Po Vstrechnoi “. The rights to the songs were also not violated, as more than 4 months remain until the concert. The tracks, the rights to which are mentioned in the letter from Neformat, are not planned to be used in the show.
  7. The show will feature more than 18 tracks. The entrance to the show is through QR codes and PCR tests, which the organizers donate to all viewers for free.
  8. The organizers have recreated a tanker truck from the video “Not Gonna Get Us” and promise to show it to fans soon.
  9. The show must go on! Organizers and t.A.T.u.’s authors will create a great celebration for everyone involved in the music of t.A.T.u. in any case.

Source: t.A.T.u.’s Official VK Page

From Sergio Galoyan’s Instagram Live (July 5, 2021):


  • The tribute was planned 2 years ago, but COVID delayed things.
  • The concert will be 3 hours long, can be live-streamed from anywhere, will be recorded and will have English subtitles. There will also be a behind the scenes video.
  • Julia and Lena were both informed of the tribute in April and were the first to know about the concert.
  • Lena wants Julia to participate in the tribute and would not do it if Julia didn’t take part. However, this does not mean they will perform together.
  • Lena and her manager did not like the proposal from Lookport and stopped communicating with the company.
  • Julia did not want to participate because of an author’s involvement in the tribute and declined to communicate further.
  • The tribute concert is definitely going to happen.
  • Lyrics to “Believe In Goodbyes” are being written (recall that the demo released featured unfinished lyrics).
  • An unreleased song which Sergey Galoyan wrote in the 90’s is being reworked for the tribute.
  • Holograms of t.A.T.u. might be created for the concert.
  • The same model of the tanker truck from the “Nas Ne Dagoniat” video will be featured in the concert. The truck will also appear in Moscow, on top of which performances will take place and will be used as a photo-op for fans.
  • There will be a contest in September/October for up-and-coming artists to create a t.A.T.u. cover and perform it during the tribute.
  • Trevor Horn and Martin Kierszenbaum are involved in the tribute, more specifically with the song “Malchik Gay”.
  • “Ya Tvoy Vrag” is not planned to be performed.
  • “All About Us” will be the concert’s finale.

Full Transcript

Sergey Galoyan:
Do the girls understand what a tribute is? A tribute is a performance of famous songs. Many people have performed these songs over the last 20 years and no one was against it – The X Factor, The Voice, The Masked Singer. No one complained then. But when we decided to create a whole concert with artists, it began.

The first thing we did was back in April, when we contacted Julia’s management, Katya Dorosh, and Lena’s management, Olga Rudenko, to get their agreement. I was also in trouble with Lena for the demo (“Believe In Goodbyes”). I called her two weeks ago, apologized and she forgave me. We agreed to write new material together. Right now, the lyrics for “Believe In Goodbyes” are being worked on…Why today there was such a massive scandal I do not understand. For me it is a mystery because I spoke with Olga Rudenko for an hour and a half a few days ago. We explained everything. Lena took a very cool position, she really wanted Julia to participate. We wrote to Julia too. The girls were informed of this. We met with Ivan…Lena Kiper spent 4 hours negotiating with his lawyer. I do not know what the problem is. Maybe after the Sobchak interview, Ivan once again flew away into space. Understand that Ivan is not even one of the authors of the songs. He tricked me and credited himself with the title of co-author.

Why this tribute is happening: By the laws of the Russian Federation. for a concert to happen the authors have to agree to it. The concert will happen. According to the law, we do not have to ask anyone and we can just do it. Just like Lena can perform any songs at her concerts without asking the authors.

This has nothing to do with money. Ivan asked for a very large amount of money. I will not reveal how much he wanted. First of all, why does he want the money? He is not the author of the music. Here is proof – the vinyl was released (Sergio proceeded to show the 200 KM/HR vinyl, pointing out his name as being credited for the song’s music). The way is is written here is exactly how I won many of the lawsuits in the 2000s, so that it would be written like this, so that he would remove his name. For instance, one of the authors on the album was Roman Ryabtsev – imagine we went to Roma and he said, “Sure, just pay me 90% of the gross from ticket sales and I will give you permission to use the songs”.

We did not expect Lena to want Julia to participate. We are all very well aware that the project was not created just by Ivan. He was, at maximum, the manger of the project and the director of the videos. Although he was not alone in shooting them, he did it with Lena Kiper. Why is that after 20 years and life-threatening sickness he continues to credit himself. Why does a grown, smart person not say that he was not the only one who created the project. We created the project together: the girls, him. Boris Renskiy, me, Lena Kiper, Valery Polienko. We have equal rights to the brand, the songs, the image, to all of it.

I do not understand why in the process of putting the show together a scandal begins. Lena and I made up and I spoke to her personally on the phone. She forgave me for releasing the demo. I sent her new demos and old ones so they would start to write the lyrics…Why Julia is not commenting on the situation I do not know. I do not think that they do not agree to this. We all want the show to happen and it will, no matter what. Even if I lose my mind and say that I do not want the show to happen, according to the law they have the rights to make it happen. A tribute is a respect for the songs, for the band of course, but for the songs firstly. If the girls do not agree to it, it will still happen 100%.

In response to a comment that the situation was all hype “just like in the good old days”. – This is all very serious. Today, Ivan shared the screenshot of the letter in our WhatsApp group. I called Boris Renskiy today and talked to him about this topic. Boris said that he signed this letter and so did the girls…t.A.T.u. is not t.A.T.u. without scandals – yes, I agree.

How were we able to get artists to agree to this? This is a unique situation because there is so much respect from the artists towards this album that we did not have to beg anyone, everyone agreed on their own.

These type of shows do not bring in a lot of money. The company who is investing in the show and its production, Lookport, it would be good if they broke even. The problem is not in the money. We do not know what will happen so we are planning for the end of November. Maybe there will be a lockdown and only 3 people will be allowed to attend the concert. We just want to celebrate the 20 year anniversary. We have this right. Lena only wanted to participate only if Julia does. But not together in a performance. Her position, in the words of Olga Rudenko, is that she will not participate without Julia.

At first people decide to participate. For instance, Sergey Lazarev did not look at this favorable when it was offered to him. But after Julia did not make it into the primaries everything changed. Artists are trying to get involved. But we already have a huge list of artists.

Organizers from LookPort, Tatyana and Alex Volk, join.

Alex Volk:
We are surprised at the girls and at Ivan because we have been negotiation for over 2 months…We explained all of our ideas to Olga Rudenko and she wanted to participate in this and then we received this statement today. We also met together with Ivan. We met up with him 3 times in Moscow and have had a lot of written communication with him…We have put in a lot of effort into this tribute and are excited by it. We are trying to do everything with transparency and correctly. We talked to everyone who we needed to, including Olga Rudenko, who manages Lena Katina. We wrote that we agree to any format that is comfortable for the artist. Meaning that if Lena just wants to come to the tribute and wave her hand or if she wants to perform on stage…we were open to any format that was of interest. Our proposal was of interest to Olga and Lena conceptually. But regarding the conditions, they said that they would think about it and come back to us. Meaning that the conditions that we proposed were not fit for them, although we have the same conditions for all the artists, this is not a secret. The expenses to create the audio for the performances are being covered by us for all of the artist who are participating and they are being given a percentage of our profits. Unfortunately, we were told that the proposed format was not of interest and that the girls (Olga and Lena) will come back with what they want and what suits them. And unfortunately after this we did not receive any contact from Olga. And today we saw the statement about how the girls were allegedly not asked to perform or participate. I think the problem here is in the payment…we even heard the phrase, “How cold you offer us the same conditions as you’re offering to the other participants? There is a difference between the other artists and the members of t.A.T.u.”…From the very beginning we said that we do not know and do not guaranteed that t.A.T.u. would participate.

The tribute will happen regardless. We really want the girls to participate and we offered this to them at the very beginning, over 2 months ago. The answer we received initially was that it was not of interest, that the band does not exist that all of these ideas are irrelevant and not needed. We had the constructive conversation with Olga Rudenko who raised the topic of money, but it is a step in the right direction and we are hoping that the communication ends positively. I will say again that the girls knew about the project, they were even the first ones to know…We are trying to find common ground with Lena Katina’s colleagues. We cannot decide for the girls – if they do not come, a part of the audience will be disappointed, and a part of the audience wants to come to see the other artists. We want to note that we are not doing the tribute so much for the band as for the album. Music is at the center of it all. We want to show that the 20 year anniversary of the album is also a 20 year history of Russia’s music and society. We want to have relevant artists to cover the songs in their style and through this prism…We are very open and are hoping that Julia and Lena participate, we have provided them with every option.

Sergey Galoyan:
I think it is fair for us in this livestream together to go from this position: Girls, please, can we somehow sit down with you and discuss normally of how you can participate. We understand that you are the face of t.A.T.u. I am also asking Ivan – let’s all get together for one time and make this happen so that everyone can be happy. It is so simple.

Alex Volk:
We need to explain to everyone that author’s rights to songs and the public performance of the songs and their re-makes belongs to the people who created the songs. These songs were created by actual authors. There are 20 people who are authors within the project – these are people who wrote lyrics, music…

Valery Polienko:
These guys (Lookport) are good, they are young. They are not the typical show business type. They came with an idea of what they wanted to do and it is attractive. This was not done for money…I read the letter, but I do not know who wrote it…and in this whole conflict I do not understand why someone is against it. The band does not exist, but that has nothing to do with it. I do not understand the conflict.

Alex Volk:
Ivan and the girls said that there were no arrangements made with them and that they were not aware, but we have confirmation that we have been discussing the arrangements for more than 2 months.

Sergey Galoyan:
The letter which they sent out has a flaw – they say that they have related rights to the sound recordings, but we are not using their sound recordings.

Alex Volk:
And regarding the t.A.T.u. brand, it is not registered under Neformat. Neformat, unfortunately, does not have direct legal relations to this brand. It is under a Seychelles company, for which we were not able to get any confirmation documents…sorry, a Singapore company, the Seychelles company was before that.

Sidenote: According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, the t.A.T.u. logo graphic was registered in the Cayman Islands: https://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/search > Search our trademark database > TESS > Word and/or Design Mark Search (Free Form) > “tatu” > #35 – T.A.T.U.

We are ready to finalize the agreement to use the trademark, but unfortunately, but we are not getting direct answers. The trademark is not being violated. The tribute is called “200 Po Vstrechnoi” and a violating the trademark against the Russia Federation law is simply not happening.

I see that a lot of people are asking about Julia Volkova. There were conversations with Julia and Lena over 2 months ago. Tatyana wrote to them personally and the answer then was that the band does not exists so this topic is not of interest. Back then the topic of Julia and Lena performing together was mentioned. The answer was that the band does not exist so this does not make sense. Later, Sergey Galoyan helped us get in touch with Olga Rudenko. We went to Lena and described everything because we had specific ideas which we wanted to happen with Lena. One was performing the song “Yugoslavia”, which is considered the first t.A.T.u. song when it was just Lena Katina [in the band]. So we thought that if Lena sings “Yugoslavia” it would make sense and be interesting. The details as to why it did not happen we have already discussed. We hope that we come to an agreement with Olga and Lena. We are open to discussion in any format, to sit down at a table and discuss this. We really want to make the fans happy. If the girls decline participating in the show, we cannot have an affect on them, unfortunately. There are several ideas now. We are discussing creating holograms of the girls…

As for negotiating with Julia, we were declined further communication. We could not call. We wrote all the details to her and tried to talk about it on the phone to share all of the show’s details. However, the last phrase [to us] was, “I have answered all of your questions”.

Alex Volk:
After this we had another communication. I do not want to say too much, but we were told in a very harsh way that participating in a project that involves specific authors is not of interest to Julia. We very much want to, are ready and open to Lena and Julia taking part. We have asked them at the beginning and were serious then and now.

We are even begging them I would say. We are begging them to please participate.

Alex Volk:
We are saying that the tribute is happening and we are happy if the girls take part. We are not blaming anyone for anything. We are just stating the situation as it is…If the fans and viewers want to express their desire for the girls to participate, then it would help…again I will repeat that it was odd read comments about the girls not knowing since we all have messages in our phones…We are happy because all of the artists who are taking part, their fans will be excited to attend the concert. They like our ideas and it really highlights that we are doing something significant. It is important for us to show t.A.T.u.’s music as a historical event. We also wan to hint that we will have a social tribute with a specific name and good deed…Right now we have 10 artists revealed but the show will have more than 20.

Can we give a small detail about a track that is being prepared, as well as a performance, from one of the authors, so to say (Valery Polienko points to himself)…We have an idea…I wrote a track in the 90s which was never officially released and we are now reworking it into a modern format…

Elena Kiper enters the livestream

Elena Kiper:
…We invited the girls to the tribute. These are cover versions of songs that are legendary, and I won’t shy away from the word, sang by other artists. We are doing this so we can all reminisce, to give it a new sound. Every year someone covers these songs and no one ever invites the girls. We just get asked for the rights to these songs because they are loved by the whole world. We tried to do a tribute 2 years ago, but but COVID happened and paused our decision. Now, we are hoping that everything works out and hope that you support us.

Sergey Galoyan:
We dropped the idea 2 years ago, but then Alex showed up, the knight on the white horse, who got us all together and gave us energy and hope that this would happen…This is a wonderful company and I hope this is not our last collaboration.

Elena Kiper:
You [the fans] are inspiring us to do this. We gathered all of our resourced to create this event which will remind us of what happened during these 20 years since “200 Po Vstrechnoi” was released, what happened to us, how we have changed, how reality has transformed. There are absolutely no reasons to discuss this event as a conflict. It is a cool event that we want to create together and for you.

Valery Polienko:
The one thing that bothers me is why did they say that we did not talk to them? Are they lying? I have known Julia and Lena since they were little. What, did they learn to lie? Let them call me and I will tell them myself.

Sergey Galoyan:
Let me just impudently call Lena Katina now. (Sergey tried to add Lena to the livestream)

Elena Kiper:
…Everything is going according to plan, no one doubted that it wouldn’t be like this. Because the project was scandalous and full of conflicts from the beginning. So keep waiting for news, there will be a lot of information coming out. We have everything planned.

Alex Volk:
As t.A.T.u. fans you will remember that in the video for “Nas Ne Dagoniat” the girls rode a tanker trunk. We connected with the Vnukovo International Airport airfield, where the truck was taken from to shoot the video, and we found that same car. Meaning, the same model that was in the video.

We took the same model and recreated it to look like it did in the video, the same colors…And soon this truck will appear in the streets of Moscow. Fans can come see it, sit inside, climb on it and take pictures in it. This is a secret for those watching the livestream…So the truck will be in Moscow and there will be several performances on it, we will show you soon…

Yes, [the tribute concert] will be professionally shot. Sales for the online stream are being sold separately…you can connect from any part of the world, there are no limits in terms of geography.

Despite the fact that we called the event “200 Po Vstrechnoi”, it will feature tracks from several of the other albums.

The show will have huge screens and really cool decorations. This show will be one of the most visually-stimulating. It will look really cool, we are sure of it. Guys from Billboard are also participating as they are fans from t.A.T.u.

For up and coming artist, we have an idea for you guys to create a cover for a t.A.T.u. song – we will announce the details of this contest later. It will happen in September/October. But, you can create t.A.T.u. cover and the winner can perform in the show.

Regarding a comment about whether “Vsya Moya Lubov'” (“All My Love”) be performed – I think it is better if we do not reveal things. I want to keep it a secret. We will soon be revealing everything little by little.

The concert will be about 3 hours long. There will be English subtitles. We are doing this for the whole world and so that fans all over the world can watch. The concert will be recorded, so if you can not watch it live you can watch the recording.

We got a rejection from Julia. It is not hard for us to ask again, but the rejection was a strong one, so I think it is useless to ask again. The last thing we got from Ivan was a confirmation that he got our agreement and is ready to discuss it. The whole time Ivan had told us that he supported the idea, so it was odd how things turned out. The last time we talked to Ivan was on June 22nd, and unfortunately from that moment until today we have not gotten any answers, although we had been waiting for an answer which Ivan promised. He is busy with the projects which he has now. But we got a letter from Ivan today to continue communicating. Our attorneys will respond again and we will be waiting for further communication from Ivan.

I will be acting as the show’s director and producer. We are also talking to Billboard, so hopefully the guys will participate as as they are fans of t.A.T.u. The authors are also actively participating.

Regarding merch…if we can do it in a way so that there aren’t any issues from the girls or Ivan…we really want to create t-shirts that are like the “Fuck War” shirts…

When we first starting contacting artists, we were sure they would all want to sing “Nas Ne Dagoniat” or “Ya Soshla S Uma”, but pleasantly that was not so. One of the most popular tracks turned out to be “Obezyanka Nol'”. Valery, what is the song about?

Valery Polienko:
About freedom.

Alex Volk:
“Malchik Gay” was also one of the most popular songs next to “Obezyanka Nol'”. So artists were interested in the songs that may not be the biggest hits, but have a double meaning and are interesting to work with. “Malchik Gay” will be performed by a truly awesome artist. It is one of the artists who has already been announced But with him the cover, from the music aspect, is being prepared by an extremely talented person and we are not doubting at all that it will turn out cool.

Valery Polienko:
…Trevor Horn.

Alex Volk:
And Martin Kierszenbaum, yes.

There will be a behind the scenes video about the performances and the artists working in the studio.

The song “Ya Tvoy Vrag” has not been planned to be part of the tribute. If one of the artists wishes to perform it, we will gladly contact the author of this song.

During the finale of the show we want to have everyone from the show and that is associated with t.A.T.u. on stage. The closing of the show will be “All About Us” because it is all about us…

Source: Sergio Galoyan’s Instagram

From Lena Katina’s Insta Story (July 5, 2021):

“Regarding the so-called t.A.T.u. Tribute: I, Julia and Neformat do not have any relation to the event. As we understand, a tribute is a way to respect the artist. Of course, we are not against the idea of a tribute to present new versions of t.A.T..u songs, but you need to communicate with all members of the team and band. Otherwise, what is the point of the event? I think that before starting such projects, t.A.T.u. needs to be enlisted and then the event happens. The way it happened it is not professional. A tribute is a sign of agreement between all participants of the project, it is not just a profit incentive. We told the organizers right away that in this type of event all participants need to participate, beginning from the Neformat authors and ending with Julia and I, because it is fair.”

Neformat, LLC
A few words from the creators of t.A.T.u.
July 4, 2021

20 years have passed, but the album “200 Po Vstrechnoi” continues to play and inspire. These songs are listened to and covered. Even a tribute show gets put together…We are very happy for this. A tribute is giving respect. Respect to the authors and performers, to all who gave t.A.T.u. to the world. Due to an unknown reason, a show with the words “tribute” and “t.A.T.u.” was announced on the internet without the participation or agreement of t.A.T.u. Oops…

Julia Volkova and Lena Katina are not participating in this in any type of way. And the organizers do not have the official rights to use the t.A.T.u. brand.

Julia Volkova
Lena Katina
Boris Renskiy
Ivan Shapovalov-Podnebesnoi

  • Neformat, LLC is the holder of the related rights to the sound recordings and brand of t.A.T.u. Established in 1999.

From t.A.T.u.’s Official VK Page (July 2, 2021):

The streaming service Lookport announced a tribute concert where famous artists will perform their cover versions of favorite t.A.T.u. songs and of course the hits from the legendary album “200 Po Vstrechnoi”.

The concert will be help on November 20, 2021 at Music Media Dome, with a capacity of 5,000 people. The show will be available to watch online in a VR format.

All those who bought a ticket to the concert will be given a free PCR test before the show.

Julia Volkova and Lena Katina have not yet confirmed their participation in the show, but the confirmed list of singers is available:

Vera Brezhneva Vintage FAVLAV Larisa Dolina ARTIK & ASTI CREAM SODA Nerves Vanya Dmitrienko IOWA BOTH TWO POLINA

What other artists would you like to hear the at the “200 Po Vstrechnoi” show? What songs do you want to hear?

Buy Tickets here: https://afisha.yandex.ru/moscow/concert/tribiut-shou-t-a-t-u-200-po-vstrechnoi

Source: t.A.T.u.’s Official VK Page

From Lookport’s Website:

On November 20, 2021, the main musical event of this year will be held at the Music Media Dome – the “200 Po Vstrechnoi” tribute show! On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the iconic album “200 Po Vstrechnoi”, the authors and producers of the group, as well as the brightest artists of modern show business, will rethink the work of this cult duet.

t.A.T.u has turned the lives of many generations upside-down. The ideas that were broadcast by the group remain relevant today, despite all the changes that have occurred in the world over the past 20 years. And this is still the only Russian pop project whose records have received platinum status in several countries and which are still sold in the world in thousands of copies.

This is not just a 20 year anniversary of t.A.T.u., but a 20 year history of Russia’s music and society. For me, producing the tribute for “200 Po Vstrechnoi” and staging a show is primarily a work in research and a creative experiment. Through the music of the t.A.T.u. we unite several generations of artists and spectators, creating for statement-piece for each musician based on a topic that excites them.
Alexey Volk, Lookport

For me as an author of most of the group’s lyrics, it is very exciting and interesting to see how the artists will re-sing the well-known material, what exactly they will bring in their covers, and how the songs will settle down for themselves. I treat this tribute show venture as an interesting musical art experiment. Therefore, I look forward to bright and bold artistic solutions.
Valery Polienko, Co-author of t.A.T.u.’s hits

I think it will take many more years before we fully realize and feel what these songs were for us, for the country, for the whole world, for generations.
Sergey Galoyan, one of the founders of t.A.T.u.

Everyone said, “You broke through, you’ve created an insane project that conquered the world”, but I didn’t think about it. I just told about myself through the artist in all sorts of creative ways, about my desire to love and be understood, about my pain of rejecting the world’s aggression, and about my the desire to escape from circumstances. As honestly as possible. And it turned out to be the most valuable commodity and understandable to every person. Everybody needs love. Every person needs a person. A soul for a soul. t.A.T.u. spoke about this as loudly as possible. And this is the main point.
Elena Kiper, author of the songs “Ya Soshla S Uma” and “Nas Ne Dagoniat”

The large-scale presentation of the show promises to be a grandiose celebration for all fans of t.A.T.u. Vera Brezhneva, Artik & Asti, Cream Soda, Nerves, Vintage, Both Two, Favlav, Polina, IOWA, and Larisa Dolina have already confirmed their participation. The list of participants will be supplemented, but now we can say with confidence that hits such as “Ya Soshla S Uma”, “Nas Ne Dagoniat”, “Klouni”, “Ludi Invalidi”, “All About Us” and many others will be able to be heard and seen by audiences all over the world at the same time as the premiere in Moscow.

Especially for the project, the legendary tanker from the “Not Gonna Get Us” video was found and restored. It can be found in various creative spaces of Moscow and it will be possible to take a picture on it, feeling like the hero of the video. And this is just part of the “200 Po Vstrechnoi” universe that Lookport is creating.

Source: Lookport.live

From Elena Kiper’s Instagram (June 17, 2021):

“When I was 24, I wrote songs and produced “200 Po Vstrechnoi”, t.A.T.u.’s debut album, which was released in 2001, with my co-authors @valerapolienko @sergiogaloyan @vanyapodnebes. The album sold over 1 million copies in Russia. The total sales of the English-language version of the album, according to the head of the Russian branch of Universal, amounted to more than 7 million copies worldwide. In 2002, the band received the IFPI Platinum Europe Award for 1 million copies of the album sold in Europe. It was certified gold and platinum in 80 countries of the world. The songs are still alive! Thank God that everyone is alive and well! @xenia_sobchak does interviews pretty well! The meat is ready! And the truth? Interesting, isn’t it? It is not only vices and evil that are interesting. Getting to the point, to real drama, will be a little later. Will you wait for a little exclusive? It’s almost here!

Source: Elena Kiper’s Instagram