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Music One Reports on Lena Katina’s New Video for Her Single “Taxi”

Lena Katina has shot a video for her new single “Taxi”. Music One was on set and reported on some of the details behind the video.

Lena Katina: “The song is, of course, about love. More about the heroine of this love who is experiencing a bit of emotional instability and cannot accept a decision. [At the end of the video] everyone will decide for themselves if she has solved her problem. It is an homage to Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’. The video has a black briefcase in it and you will find out what is in it.”

Constantin Cherepkov (director): “It is not clear what is happening, how it is happening. The main story is beauty. It is beautiful and mystical. It is like a film noir thriller. The end will reveal why this story happened.”

The video was originally going to have one ending, but it was changed for another, better one. The one that was not used had Lena seeing herself on a surgeon’s table. As stated by Constantin Cherepkov, “Lena has already had this in her videos, so we created a much better idea that is relevant to the times.”

The car used is not a real taxi, but an unidentified yellow model decorated to look like a taxi.

Source: t.A.T.u. Official VK Page