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Lena Katina Answers Fans Questions on Instagram

Lena Katina played “True or False” on her Insta-story today, answering fan questions in Russian and English. Lena answered a total of 51 questions.

  1. Is it true that you kissed a girl on the mouth?
  2. You are a lark, not an owl.
    A lark.
  3. You prefer to write English songs.
    I prefer to write English but love to sing in any language.
  4. You want one more child.
    Yes I do. But first I need a new husband.
  5. You have a son.
  6. Is it true that t.A.T.u. is the greatest band in the world?
    It is definitely one of the best.
  7. You have never been to Riga.
    No. I was there many times.
  8. Speak Spanish?
    I can sing in Spanish.
  9. “Craving” is your favorite t.A.T.u. sing?
    One of my favs.
  10. You would like to participate in Eurovision again.
  11. Second LP coming soon.
    Working on it.
  12. You get irritated by questions about t.A.T.u.
    False! t.A.T.u. is cool. It is the same as asking if I annoy myself.
  13. Your son can speak Slovenian.
    A little bit.
  14. New music video coming soon?
  15. Jared Leto wanted something from you.
    Leto wanted warmth and sun.
  16. Most of your fans are still waiting for a t.A.T.u. reunion.
    Most – no.
  17. Would you like to get a raven?
    I had enough from the one shooting with Rick. I would love to get a dog. But I cannot do it right now.
  18. You hate singing certain songs from your discography.
  19. You are working on new music.
  20. You prefer sweet things over salty things.
    I prefer meat.
  21. You love your LGBTQ and your listeners.
    I love all my fans.
  22. You are a big fan of Karina Koks
  23. Did you like the cover of “Ya Soshla S Uma” by Klava Koka?
  24. We won’t hear the songs from The Mask in studio versions.
    True. But this is not dependent on me. The question is for the show’s producers.
  25. Would you like to change your hair color?
    I would like to.
  26. Do you like giving gifts or receiving them.
  27. When will you sing “Sacrifice” at your concerts and will you?
    I have not planned to.
  28. A new single will be out soon.
    Yes. It is called “From Darkness”
  29. Is it true that you are part of a LGBT organization?
    I have always shown support and will show support.
  30. Have you had surgery?
    True. Liver and caesarean.
  31. You enjoyed participating in The Mask. Is it true that your costumer was very heavy?
    I liked it a lot. I got a lot of pleasure from participating. The costume was heavy. But it was the coolest one.
  32. Is it true that you are divorced now?
  33. Is it rue that you will have a solo concert in Moscow soon?
    The closest solo one will be in St. Petersburg on March 6th, Ruki Vverh Bar.
  34. You prefer tea or coffee?
    Tea. Masala or earl grey with milk.
  35. What’s your favorite color?
  36. You don’t enjoy singing t.A.T.u. songs anymore as much as you used to enjoy them before.
  37. Did you want to win the show The Mask when you participated in it?
    Participating was exciting enough.
  38. Mono will be released in English.
  39. Do you speak a little French?
  40. Do you practice tennis?
  41. Do you like any Latin artist?
    J Lo.
  42. You love your fans.
    True, with all my heart.
  43. Have you had love that was not reciprocated?
    True! More than you think.
  44. You studied to be a lawyer
    False, I studied to be a psychologist.
  45. Do you plan on continuing to do fan meetups?
    Of course. As soon as it is safe for everyone.
  46. Can you whistle?
  47. Is it true that you would come over to eat grilled turkey?
    For breakfast or dinner?
  48. You are constantly looking at your fan accounts.
  49. You thought about going into a different profession.
    I had, but not for long.
  50. Is it true that you were on a strict diet at the peak of you popularity?
    Yes. I regret it a lot! Health is more important.
  51. Is you heart free of new relationships right now?
    True! My heart is free, but spring is coming soon.