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Julia Volkova will cover South America

Former member of t.A.T.u. is off on a tour with a debut solo single.

Former member of the scandalous group t.A.T.u. Julia Volkova will have a tour in South America. In her concerts, the singer will perform her single “All Because of You” (“Sdvinu Mir”) as well as t.A.T.u. songs.

The tour opens with a grand performance on the legendary stage of Circo Voador in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) November 17th and will cover 6 large cities: Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Santiago,  Florianopolis, and Fortaleza. 

During the tour, Julia will perform all the hits which determined her head-spinning career, starting from the single “All The Things She Said”, the songs “All About Us”, “Friend Or Foe ”, and the first solo composition “All Because Of You” (“Sdvinu Mir”). In her performances, the singer promises to sing the fan favorite “Prostiye Dvizjeniya” which will be in a new verison. In fact, Julia has not performed this song live since 2004.

Source: EuropaPlusTV.com

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