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Ivan Shapovalov Questioned About t.A.T.u. Secrets

Ivan Shapovalov appeared on Radio KP’s show “Real Music” where he shared some of his latest music with listeners as well as discussed his projects, including Podnebesnaya (Celestial) and his latest project Sosedi (Neighbors). When asked about his most popular project, t.A.T.u., and whether there were any secrets about the group that were not known to the public, Ivan would not give a straight answer:

Galina Bosaya: t.A.T.u.’s story has been dissected. Everything is known about it. Is there something which no one knows. Is there a secret?
Ivan Shapovalov: There are many, many secrets about things that no one knows. I do not think this is the subject of the show.
Galina Bosaya: I understand, but is there something which you can tell us now. You know that many ask about where you are and remember the moment…
Ivan Shapovalov: Say everything, yes…ask me specifically and I will tell you.
Galina Bosaya: Well, a secret which wasn’t allowed to be told–I don’t know your secrets–but now is able to be told.
Ivan Shapovalov: A secret which is not allowed to be said is one that is not allowed to be said.
Galina Bosaya: It couldn’t be said then, but perhaps now it can be.
Ivan Shapovalov: Which one is that?
Galina Bosaya: I don’t know them, maybe you will share with me. We know that the girls have solo careers. But, why does not one write about this or is interested in it? Why do you think t.A.T.u. was so popular, but it does not happen with the others? What was there then which is not there now?
Ivan Shapovalov: Demand from the world. Because then Russia was open and it was interesting for the world. Now Ukraine is more interesting than Russia. So that’s why Ukraine projects are coming out faster than from Russia. Music is not discontinuous from daily life in a country. If it is interesting in the country than there will be interest in the music. But if everything in the country is predictable and understood, then there will be no demand for music from there.

The lesson: If you want a specific answer, ask a specific question.

Source | Radio KP

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