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The tatu.ru Website (2004 – 2008)

Drawings and Photographs
Both of these drawings, Doctor and Winter, I drew when I was around 4-5 years old. Then I stopped drawing. All the other drawings in my home are drawn by my grandmother and sister.

At home I mostly have photo relating to t.A.T.u. where it is Julia and I. I also have photos with my friend Nastya, with my mom and stepdad Oleg. There are also photos hanging with Eminem and Marylin Manson. Recently I hung up a photo in my room of me with my mom and dad, which was taken on my 19th birthday.

Music and Video
If we’re talking about other performers and their songs, then I really like Avril Lavigne, especially her first album. I am getting ready to buy her new album. I like all of Eros Ramazotti’s albums, old albums by Bryan Adams and Christina Aguilera. I love to listen to Pink sometimes, especially the old albums because in my opinion the new one is hardly successful. In terms of the latest singles it would be Anastacia’s “Left Outside Alone” – she sings so well in it! When I am in a bad mood I watch one of my three favorite movies: Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze, The Corporate Romance, Cinderella or Lily of the Silver Valley. The movies I like which are out now are Night Watch and Troy – these are good movies, even though they seemed a little lengthy. I really want to watch A Driver for Vera. For cartoons, I love Mulan, Hercules, and The Emperor’s New Groove. Mulan is really something else, there are so many jokes! My mom and I watch it together. I did not like Shrek. The Lion King, Bambi, Snow White – these are classics. 

Right now I am finishing Razor’s Edge. It is a hard read, but, first of all, it is interesting and second of all, if I start something I have to finish it. Want to or not, you have to finish reading. I love Julia Voznesenskaya. Her books are great works and they radically change people’s outlook. I am also reading Elder Paisiy’s Words Volume II, which is about religion. But my favorite books are The Thron Bird, Feuchtwangen’s Goy, The Spanish Ballad, Ugly Duchess – this is a historical genre.

This clown is a gift from Lescha Navatsko who organized our concerts in The Urals some time ago. Julia has a similar clown, also a gift from him. The toys, including two large stuffed bears, are all gifts from fans.