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Well, boys and girls, Merry Christmas to those of you, who celebrate this holiday today! Me and Julia wish you love, luck and kindness all around!!! The New Year is coming. Today we’re decorating our Christmas tree. I plan to celebrate it with my former classmates, as usual! Happy New Year beforehand! Celebrate it well! The most important thing is not to have a headache the next day 😀

P.S. Did I tell you we found a puppy? He’s so funny! Gave him a name – Pashtet. And now I know all the dog lovers of our neighborhood. All the required in shots are already done. Pashtet resembles a beagle, but his colors are those of a sheepdog – black with red. Actually, I think it is a good thing to take dogs from kennels. I looked through some web-sites recently and found so many cute homeless doggies. I would take them all if I could! It’s an awesome thing to give a poor abandoned dog home, warmth, comfort, love…

Hello, guys! You know, every time I look at my grandma, I realize that being 70 years old is nothing. Grandma, you’re the best. This Friday she had her birthday and an exhibition of her paintings was organized at the museum of Dolgoprudniy. I am so proud of her – a grandmother, an artist, a person. And what amazing pieces! Beautiful! I had such a wonderful day and just wanted to share my feelings with you… Kisses to all – as always :)) By the way, my last final exam was on Saturday! They didn’t even let me finish my answer – I got “A”. Now it’s just the thesis – and I am done with university 🙂

Hello, my dear ones! Haven’t written to you for a while – we need to change this! It’s just there’s no time, so many things need to be done before the show in St. Petersburg… Right after we came back from the Baltic trip, I had a great party – met up with my classmates! Five years after our high school graduation! I just said to everybody the day before: don’t look for me tomorrow. So much energy! So many positive emotions! Some people didn’t show up, though, but we still had an some awesome time in a our little group! Soon I’ll show you the pictures! We met in a cafe, talked, and nobody showed off (as it often happens). We should, actually, meet more often! And then we went to the club to dance a little. Yeah, I should have gotten more rest after the concerts. Two light cocktails and I was “gone”. I came up to the bar to ask for some water with lemon: I was the driver that night. But my classmates didn’t let me… I had to call the driver to pick me up… In general, I am washed away by the positive waves!

Oh, another funny thing happened when we passed face-control at the club. A girl at the entrance went:
– Listen, you look like one of the t.A.T.u. girls… She’s just a little bit bigger…
– Maybe it’s actually ME!
– Common! I don’t believe you! When is your birthday?
So, I only look like I am one of the t.A.T.u. girls Heh-heh…


So, I decided to enlighten you with my plans for celebrating the new year! Well, in general, I think this is a family holiday, and at 12AM, when the chimes all over Moscow will announce the beginning of 2006, I will be with my family. And then, according to the old tradition, we get together with classmates and we will hang out all night in a rented house outside the city! It’s always super duper fun! So there! Good luck to you…

Sao Paulo – Frankfurt – Hong Kong – Taipei! They are incredibly welcoming !!! Well, you already know what happened to Yulka – she spent a day in Frankfurt. More incidents: today, at the rehearsal, the equipment broke down, and tomorrow there is a show at the stadium! They’re bringing a new one…The musicians support us, we laugh so hard that you won’t be able to get abs like that in any gym! We love them terribly. Soon we are going to Moscow – home sweet home! We missed everyone for three weeks…Well, I am going to bed, getting up early tomorrow and going for another soundcheck. I am giving hugs, kisses, I love and miss you! Goodnight, my dears!

P.S. Sorry for not writing for so long!

Hello everyone! At the moment I am going to an interview with Newsweek, and I really want to sleep…Yesterday we went to the Vakhtangov Theater. The play was “Mademoiselle Nitouche”. It was just amazing and very funny! Aronova did a split twice! I recommend it to everyone! And during the intermission, instead of eating a sandwich, I signed autographs 🙂 Our musicians came with us to Moscow to perform at tomorrow’s show, and now we spend every day with them, showing them the very best places. Today is a rehearsal, tomorrow is the show – we want everyone to come and we are waiting for everyone!

Most recently, on the 10th, I celebrated my birthday. Everything went just superbly! They gave me a bunch of gifts and in general it was a lot of fun…music, dancing…everyone sang! My little pupsyandrik gave me a huge bear and jewelry for my belly button piercing, and my sister bought me blue eyeshadow, I just ran out of this. In general, the birthday was a success. One fan girl made an awesome newspaper – it is huge and has a lot of my pictures. And the whole entrance was in colorful balloons! Children who were leaving school were taking a balloon for themselves near the entrance. And the people were super-duper – my closest friends, 30 people. I adore myself and my birthday! (I’m so modest 😉

In general, nothing supernatural happened during this time. I passed the exam, I was ill for a week, the other two I felt tortured. The lectures on clinical psychology were insanely interesting. After these lectures, I watched the film “Rain Man” on one of the topics, where the most complete image of a person with the disease “autism” was compiled. I advise everyone to watch it, it’s very interesting. We went with Yulka to the “Smash !!” presentation. Well done guys, everything is very cool. There, of course, we were attacked by journalists, and we had to talk 20 times about the fact that after the New Year we were going to record an album in Los Angeles. In short, everything is cool, I want to work, I want to sing. That’s all.

Now I am on vacation in Turkey. It is not clear to me why people think that going on vacation in Turkey is the same as not respecting yourself. I am relaxing with my grandmother, sister and my friends. Our hotel has great animators – Vika and Ozy. We also became very good friends with the local DJ, Erhan. We went diving. Only Nastya and I didn’t dive, it was scary. Slippery fish will swim past you … ugh, an abomination! I’m scared to death of them! The sun was terribly hot that day and I was badly burnt. We rode a boat – small but fast. Igor drove Katya around on a jet ski. Yesterday we were at the Catamaran disco – there is a transparent floor, it floats and everyone is dancing. It was very cool, only now I twisted my leg and now I can’t walk, let alone dance. I am very worried about Yulka, she is about to give birth. Wolfhound mommy! This is what happens in life! Now we will have to babysit…

Finally we started recording songs. It’s very cool, but Yulka can’t, and I alone recorded five new songs drafts. Very superb! Serezha Galoyan is working with us again. This is also pleasing, he writes great songs. He feels the style, takes mood and life circumstances into account. It’s generally easy to work with him.

Except one of the new songs, “In Space” – that was difficult. Horror! I almost fell into a swoon there in this studio! It’s a very dynamic, strong song. With the words it was a mess, it’s hard to sing! Hard to breath. Also, this little room with a microphone…insanely stuffy! And I started feeling sick. But besides that, everything is super-duper! I am glad that the work has begun again. And I also have the best little baby in the world! That’s all for now.

Hello everybody! Well what can I say – the weather is whispering, and Moscow is the best city on earth, on the entire planet! Everything is fine with me, it’s only a shame that I didn’t get to go on vacation. My friends flew to Turkey the day before I returned to Moscow. And I also have a new love – and I am flying in the clouds…

It is a pity that I have already finished school…But my sister has not yet, we will soon go with her for to buy notebooks, planners, pens – I love stationery! And I want to go back to school 🙂 It’s okay, university is waiting for me, I still have to find time to pick up the program for my session…

Oh, how I want to sleep! I am in Moscow, or rather, at our summer home. Wild acclimatization has tortured me completely…And as for the rest – everything is fine. Yesterday I almost fell asleep while driving on the way to the summer home. Lyalechka tried to bring me back to my senses. Our Nastenka ran off to get rest – we miss her terribly. My classmates – as eternal guards of a great mood and fun times – are with us, as always! Kisses…

Hello again! It’s me! I’m at home!!! How great it is – relatives, friends, Moscow…! During the weekend we went with my classmates to celebrate on of their birthdays! It was unforgettable! The guys staged such a show that show business can take a break!!! They made racing cars out of troughs, hooked them to ordinary cars and drove around the track, blocking the road! And in the evening they staged a fight without rules in a self-made mud puddle! You should have seen it! I laughed so much! Only with them can you have this kind of fun!

Soon I will go back to Yulka’s to shoot videos…Kisses for all, I love everyone!

Here I am again! We are sitting in the studio. Yulka is recording. Everything is turning out so great that, one might say, I will soon fly home with a feeling of almost complete satisfaction, since never happens for me! Yup! She used to be like that! In two weeks the shooting of the videos will begin. I hope the director will be cool, although we have not met yet…As always – I miss everyone, but this is also cool! Every day in the morning we go to the ocean…Ocean, palm trees, blue sky, warm sand and gentle sun! Amazing!…Okay, now I am going to sing! Big kisses, your Lenka-penka.

Here I am again! Did you miss? We are finishing recording Russian vocals – it is turning out super! Yesterday we finished two whole songs. Today was a day off, but there was a meeting with our future manager – such a cool woman! Awesome. Tomorrow we have a huge photo session to promote the album. We leave the hotel at five in the morning – for me it’s deathlike! A nightmare! And it goes until late at night. We will need to shoot a bunch of scenarios, one of which will be at a car junkyard. There they press and cut up old, broken machines. That will be cool! Anyway, I have to go to bed. 4 hours left before I have to wake up…Kisses!

Hey! I am flying to America…On the one hand I want to, on the other, I don’t want to at all, because I will miss my mom and my friends terribly…everyone stays here, but I fly away…Maybe they will fly to me if everything works out…I’ll miss Yulka for two or three days. I’m flying alone, I don’t know what to do on the plane…I had a good time in Moscow! Well, not counting all the incidents that happened to me. Incidents – this was an operation and how I fell into… In short, I fell in sewer with my right foot. I had a huge bruise, it was very funny…but painful, of course. But the policeman did not believe me, he thought, probably, that I was drunk…Hanging out with friends, we found a cool Moroccan cafe, it was a very good atmosphere. We were there yesterday and played a new game, sort of like “Mafia”. We were all murderers!

2:10PM…So, we are going to a sound check, we are in a traffic jam on the Garden Ring. Soon Yulka should arrive there (as always, she will be late!), who bought our performance outfits yesterday, which will be cut before the performance right in the dressing room! And also today I spent a long time this morning painting my nails with red nail polish. I woke up two hours earlier just for this… What else to say – I don’t know yet, there are no special feelings…The only thing is that I haven’t performed for a long time, and I want to be on stage already of course. I want to understand how it will all look and in general what will happen there!